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Thinking Big 

The Echo of One Hand Clapping: 
Notes on Audio Publishing and Production, by Brian Price

For the past twenty or twenty-five years or more, non-profit arts organizations have been under the gun.  Reeling from 10-20% budget cuts year after year after year after year, their boards are constantly battling among themselves about who to serve, how best to do it with what little is left, and who to ignore.  The stories of tough times are similar for community radio, tiny theater companies, hometown arts councils and local museums.

And so it has been for the National Audio Theatre Festivals.  Their budgets are half of what they were in the 1990s.  Their staff is paid half as much or not at all.  Still, NATF holds their annual Audio Theatre Workshop in West Plains, Missouri year after year and continues to introduce and train new converts to the wonders of live audio theater. (continue reading)