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Free Comic Book Day - The New 52: Futures End

If you like comics, then today is a great day to get out amd go to your local comic store. Hopefully, there will be lots of free titles to to choose from on Free Comic Book Day! One title you should definitely check out is the free kickoff issue to DC Comics' weekly new series - THE NEW 52: FUTURES END. Issue #0 sets the stage for a conflict that threatens all of humanity.

The issue begins as the artificial intelligence known as Brother Eye is winning in his quest to destroy humans by changing them into a mix of man and machine. These hybrids, who are horrific, zombie-like creatrues, mindlessly follow orders from Brother Eye. Things look particularly grim as numerous super-heroes fall before the onslaught, becoming unwilling tools of the new world-order. 

In an effort to prevent this future from even happening, Batman Beyond agrees to travel back in time to stop Brother Eye before he can put his plans for conquest into motion. Of course, there's no guarantee that this will solve the problem, or that Batman Beyond will even end up at the right place or time.

This preview issue gives readers a good idea of what might follow, beginning with issue #1, which goes on sale Wednesday, May 7. The action is non-stop and the artwork is stunning. Seeing the different ways the issue's artists have chosen to portray the "assimilated" super-heroes is well-worth your time. Be sure and take a look!